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About Me

Newborn Photography Bedfordshire

Hi, I’m Samantha Paige and I am the photographer behind Samantha Paige Photography. My favourite thing in the world is working with my camera to provide beautiful, timeless photos of your family.
My second favourite thing is a big cup of tea.


I am passionate about sweet, natural newborn photography, that you will be proud to show off!
Meeting new people, making families feel at ease - allows me to capture natural smiles and your genuine family connection within all of my images. 

From a very young age, I was always the enthusiastic snapper using any excuse to take photos. For a long time I focused on outdoors, still life and my beautiful pets. But after working within schools taking photos a few years ago I decided to focus on one of the most unpredictable and wonderful subject of all: babies.

Theres a famous quote, which my client’s constantly remind me, “Never work with animals or children”, but with patience and a kind natured heart - I believe that baby and newborn photography to be one of the most rewarding and fulfilling of all my photographic ventures. Creating not just memories but also joy for my clients is so gratifying and I cannot think of a better way to spend my time or showcase my talent. 


In my journey I’ve become an award winning, fully trained, enhanced DBS and a practised newborn photographer that cares about your little ones safety. 

Each little visitor is special to me, and I believe that each such deserves a unique touch. No two little ones are the same and I welcome that difference between them all. 


At the moment, I divide my time between my studio, working with schools and nurseries across the world and being mum to 2 beautiful Fur Babies, Frankie and Harley. 

Newborn Photography Bedfordshire
Newborn Photography Bedfordshire
Newborn Photography Bedfordshire

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Instagram - @photographysamanthapaige

Tel: 07794894912

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