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Did you know, children that grow up in a household where family have proudly displayed their images on the walls, are scientifically proven to have a higher self esteem and more confidence? 


I work with framers to produce specialist stunning wall art for your home. Created, designed with you every step of the way to make your art match your lifestyle. Everything is hand made to order - and with it being quality checked by myself, each item is given a stamp of love and approval.

The beauty of them being custom made, is that if a certain size, finish or product doesn’t quite fit the mould, then I can work with you to make it right. Even if this means making something new! Available in White wash, Black, Blue/Grey, Cream, Slate and Distressed Grey.

If you need further information or want to discuss your next project I'm always happy to help, so give me a call or pop down to the studio and we can run through everything over a cup of tea an a biscuit. 

All frames listed are fully finished with a customisable double mount, choice of multiple images inside, lustre paper and include non reflective art glass. Alternative sizes on request

FROM £259

8” x 12” - £259

16” x 12” - £309

28” x 20” - £449

36” x 24” - £539

40” x 30” - £629

60” x 40”- £799


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