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Choosing your Newborn Photographer!

If you’ve just had a baby or if you’ve just found out that you’re expecting a baby, congratulations! What an incredibly exciting time for you and your family! We all know that life is about to change pretty - but whether it’s your first, third or even fifth child, all babies are a blessing.

Along with every other decisions you’ll soon need to make as a new parent, one will be ‘Who do I choose to take photos of our baby’?

I’m going to highlight some key things that you should consider as you go about trying to find the perfect newborn photographer for you. This isn’t a ‘choose me’ article, it’s one to help YOU decide what’s best for you and your family.


If photos are something you want, then it’s a great idea to start researching for photographers in your area.

If you can, try to book in during your pregnancy, but don’t worry if not - just know that booking later in your pregnancy or once little over of here - you may struggle to find someone with availability.

Search for a style you like, natural or posed - timeless or quirky and then find someone that offers what you want.


The most important aspect of choosing your photographer is choosing a photographer that is safety trained.

Of course you want to find the perfect photographer for you because you’ll be trusting that person to handle your baby. You must must must feel that you can trust them to handle your baby safely.

So when you’re choosing ask yourself;

  • Have they got experience and credentials?

  • Do they talk about, and demonstrate on their website, that they are safety conscious?

  • Have they been trained in newborn photography?

  • Can they demonstrate how they create baby photography poses safely, without leaving the baby at risk of rolling or falling from props such as baskets and buckets?

You’ll also be spending a few hours with your chosen photographer, so it’s important that you’ll feel comfortable being in their company for this amount of time.

3. Price vs Quality

It’s true that some photographers charge a lot more than others, and some families will have a limited budget/price range, sometimes those in your direct area may not suit your needs.

Think about what’s more important for you - and then make a list of photographers near or around that can be based from that.

Not all photographers are safety trained or offer the same quality of photography and service, so it’s important that you make the decision on all factors, not just on whose cheapest as there’s normally a reason why.

4. Do you LOVE their work?

Some photographers like to use props, wraps and headbands.

Some will create more natural, unposed baby portraits.

It’s important to decide what style of newborn photography you like, and that you only consider hiring photographers whose work you love.

Do you like the images on show their websites? Is this what you would want for your baby?

5. Is there a studio?

Not all photographers have a studio. Some will have home studios, others will be mobile and travel to your home, using a set up a pop up studio.

Mobile photographers tend to bring a limited range of props and lighting equipment.

Studios have a dedicated photography space where there’s everything needed close at hand and will have more to offer.

So decide whether you’d prefer having the session done at home or whether you’d prefer the convenience of going to a photographer’s studio.

Like everything three are pros and cons for each, but with a visit to a studio you won’t have to worry about tidying your house beforehand or clearing up any mess afterwards!

6. What do you want from your session?

Will you want your photos printed? Would you prefer digital? Or a mixture of both?

Do you want them framed/mounted for displaying around your home? Or, are you simply looking for digital files that you can share on social media and with friends and family?

7. Reviews

Does the photographer have any reviews? What are people saying about them? Remember not every customer will leave a photographer a reviews - so don’t think if someone has limited reviews they are no good. But look at previous comments and see what they say to try get a feel for the photographers attitude and services.

I hope this is both useful and helpful for you.

If you’d like any more information from me to help you choose the right newborn photographer for you, please don’t hesitate to contact me sand I’d be happy to answer any questions that you have.

Best of Luck!

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