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A Newborn Shoot with Me!

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Hi there I'm Sam.

I've been taking photos of newborns for several years now, I'm fully trained, DBS checked and also constantly keeping up to date with current safety measures - because theres nothing more important than your newborns safety.

I love creating those precious first photos for parents to treasure for years to come whilst tailoring them to match you and your family.

My job is to ensure and guide you through the entire process of your newborn shoot with me. No questions are too big or silly and I aim to make everyone in the session as comfortable and safe as possible.

From your initial booking to getting to view your final images - I like to create a wonderful experience for you and your baby ensuring your photo shoot is both smooth and effortless.



First things First, Drop Me a Message!

It’s an exciting time finding out you’re expecting and theres so much to do before your little ones arrives!

From reading all the books, prepping the nursery to wonderful baby showers and bundles of gifts.

But once you know your due date, please try book your session as far in advance as possible.

This is to ensure that a suitable time and date can be arranged within the first two weeks of birth. The actual date for your session will be confirmed once your baby arrives. The perfect time for a newborn shoot is between five and fourteen days old. This will ensure your baby is flexible for those extra squishy poses!

But not to worry, if life does get carried away - you can still create precious and gorgeous photos for your little one even at 2months old! Just bear in mind that some of the 'squishy' poses and wraps may not be comfortable for your little one!

But just check out Molly - Just over 2 months old and she was a superstar in her session! So don't feel like it's to late if your little ones slightly older - they're still able to have some adorable photos!



Picking Themes and Styles When you’ve booked, Id love to have a chat via email!

We all have things we like in our lives - favourite films, music and hobbies and I like to incorporate them into your session. Personally my loves are Disney and Harry Potter!

So prior to your shoot I’ll ask you about the style of photography you like so that your babies photos are more personal to you. Any likes or dislikes and any personal touches you may like.

This isn't to say thats all your shoot will consist of though!

During your shoot you will be able to choose your styles and colours and have access to any props that I have in the studio.

This just helps me prepare and get to know you better. You can also pick any post compositions that I have for me to create further images for you outside of our shoot. (This can be a great tool if your little one is practically unsettled during the session) Every newborn shoot is unique and I like to tailor them to embrace each individual parent's wishes and needs.



ITS TIME FOR YOUR PHOTOSHOOT Your session will be relaxed, comfortable and depending on the package you choose,

last between two to four hours.

For safety and ease of mind - I only book one studio session a day - this is to ensure that it there is no rush, that it’s a calm experience for all involved and we can take our time capturing beautiful images.

Working with your baby needs is crucial.

Therefore when needed I encourage the use of breaks for feeding or changing - and sometimes a quick cuddle from mum can make all the difference.

My studio is based in the wonderfully quiet and beautifully picturesque outskirts of Bedford / Wilden.

It is very remote, but also incredibly private.

With plenty of parking and facilities in the main building it's one less thing for you to worry about on the day.

I'm incredibly lucky to have my studio behind my old family home, as this gives me the ability to be flexible with my customers to ensure I can create a time thats best for you.

More in depth details about one of my newborn session can be found in my upcoming blog - 'Your Newborn Session' where I'll drive into my props, wraps and some poses!




Two weeks after your session, I will email you a link to view the edited images in an online gallery.

Your gallery is always password protected. This means that if you want to share with relatives or friends you can! All you have to do is share the password.

Each photo is lovingly inspected by me and my favourites and the best ones from the session I go on to edit. Along with these I will create for you a few composition images to complement your set.

Any photo can be tweaked if theres a change you want - from black and white to a stray hair - I will always do my best to give you the best I can.

Giving you an online gallery allows me to comply with Covid Guidelines and this allows you to enjoy the images in your own time and show your extended family and friends.

No-one wants to be rushed for a purchase, and I always find that your favourite image may change when you re-see it. I'm always contactable and can offer advice on prints, frames and collages and have samples for you to see during your session so you know what to expect. I offer a range of additional products for you to purchase after your shoot. From USBS to Wall Art Collages, any item you select will be agreed with yourselves.

So thats a newborn shoot with me from start to finish!

I love meeting every little new face and I'm over joyed when a family decides to use me for their little ones first photos.

Drop me a message and let me know what you love about a newborn session!

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